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Frequently Asked Questions

Lee County, SR 739 (Metro Parkway Extension)

How can I get real time traffic information?

Motorists may call 511 from their mobile phone while traveling in Florida to reach the automated Florida traffic information service. It will notify you of accidents and delays on any major Florida roadway. You can also access Florida's traveler information system online at by visiting www.fl511.com.


How will construction affect the access to and from my property?

The department strives to maintain access to businesses and residences at all times. There are occasions when it is necessary to temporarily close a driveway to perform project related work. Whenever this is necessary, the project team makes every effort to coordinate with the property owner in advance to minimize impacts.


What kinds of impacts can I expect during construction?

The department works hard to minimize all project-related impacts, but you might experience one or more of the following during construction: increased dust, additional noise, reduced speed limits, temporary detours and/or lane closures, temporary sidewalk closures and pedestrian detours, heavy machinery and equipment moving in and around the construction zone, flagmen directing motorists around construction activity, and project personnel moving in and around the project area.


Why does construction take place during the day in some places and at night in other locations?

The development of the construction schedule is based on a number of different factors. Prior to construction, the project's design engineers review the impacts and look closely at the project area before determining how and when the work should be performed. In some instances, work is scheduled for daytime hours or nighttime hours only. In other instances, work is scheduled for both day and nighttime hours. The goal is to complete the work as quickly as possible, while minimizing impacts. Some factors that influence the work schedule include: safety of workers and the public, impacts on motorists through the work zone, and impacts on area schools, hospitals, and more.


Will I be compensated for loss of business during construction?

The department does not provide monetary compensation to businesses within the construction zone. We do, however, take measures to minimize any construction-related impacts. FDOT strives to maintain access at all times and provide business operators with timely information about construction activities that might affect them.


What can I do to get safely through roadwork?

The following steps can be taken to make it easier to navigate through any construction zone: give yourself a little extra time to reach your destination; drive the posted speed limit – reduced speed limits are strictly enforced; obey all signs posted within the construction zone. Watch for portable message boards; these provide timely traffic information. Never walk in a construction zone.