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Palmetto Trails Network | PD&E Study
Manatee County, Florida

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About the Project

Picture of Lincoln Park

Project Description

The Palmetto Trails Network Plan (PTNP) consists of a regional system of transportation improvements near US 41 within the City of Palmetto, Manatee County.

Segment 1 includes the evaluation of critical trail segments between Lincoln Memorial Academy, Lincoln Park, the Southern Oaks neighborhood, and Martin Luther King Jr. Park, as well as the rehabilitation of a historic pedestrian tunnel under US 41.

Segment 2 includes the evaluation of a trail segment between the Palmetto Youth Center, Manatee County Area Transit Transfer Station, and Washington Park, as well as the reconstruction / transformation of 7th Avenue West to a "complete street" that may include buffered bike lanes.

Additional right-of-way is not anticipated to accommodate the proposed project improvements; however, specific right-of-way requirements will be determined during this PD&E Study.

Need for the Project
The purpose of the project is to reestablish multimodal, community connections throughout the City of Palmetto, Manatee County, that were previously lost through the construction of US 41. Other goals of the project are to 1) provide safe and viable travel options for the community to access area destinations and 2) support quality of life and economic objectives of the surrounding area. The need for the proposed project is based on the following criteria:

  • Area Wide Network / System Linkage: Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Safety: Provide Safe Multimodal Access to Destinations
  • Social and Economic Demand: Enhance Quality of Life and Support Economic Development

Overall, the proposed PTNP improvements are to:

  • Encourage private investment in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Provide more opportunity for healthy travel
  • Improve affordable access to schools, parks, public transportation, jobs, and health services

Project Funding
There is currently no funding scheduled for design or construction.

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