State Road 29 (Segment 4) from State Road 82 to the Hendry County Line

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About the Project

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About the Project


The SR 29 Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study was approved by Federal Highway in May 2017. The study area was from SR 82 to County Road (CR) 80A (Cowboy Way), a distance of approximately 18 miles, located in both Collier and Hendry Counties. The study considered alternatives to widen SR 29 from the existing two-lane undivided arterial roadway to a divided four-lane arterial roadway. The no-build option remained a viable alternative throughout the study process. An extensive public involvement program was implemented to inform the public of the study and to receive feedback on the proposed improvements. The study did not report significant opposition to this project.

After the PD&E Study, the next step in the road widening process is preparation of design plans that contractors will use to construct SR 29. The project is divided into four segments for design and construction. This project is segment 4 and the limits run from SR 82 to the Hendry County Line. After the design of this segment is complete, the project will move into the right-of-way acquisition and construction phases. Additional information related to the design project schedule and future phases is included on the Schedule page.


From State Road 82 to the Hendry County Line, the SR 29 design project proposes to widen the existing two-lane undivided rural roadway.  The proposed roadway will consist of a four-lane divided rural roadway with 12-foot travel lanes, a 40-foot grassed median, and ditches on both sides of the roadway to convey stormwater to offsite ponds.  The proposed design speed is 65 miles per hour.

The design phase takes the conceptual plan presented at the public hearing in the PD&E study into a formal set of construction plans to be used to bid and build the job.