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SR 29 from Sunniland Nursery Road to South of Agriculture Way

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the project limits?

The project limits are from Sunniland Nursery Road to south of Agriculture Way, a distance of approximately 3.11 miles.

How can I get involved?

Check the website regularly for meeting times and dates. For questions or comments please contact the project manager, Richard (Mose) Howard, P.E. at (863) 519-2374 or by email at Richard.Howard@dot.state.fl.us. Or you can request to be added to the mailing list.

How can I obtain the latest project materials?

The latest materials for the SR 29 design project will be available on the Documents & Publications page of the website. Please check back regularly for updates.

When will the project be built?

The design phase is tentatively scheduled for completion in Summer 2026. The project is not currently funded for right-of-way or construction in the FDOT Five Year Work Program.

Project Phases Summary

Planning Phase
The Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has identified improvements to SR 29 between Oil Well Road and Immokalee Road (CR 846), including the design segment from Sunniland Nursery Road to south of Agriculture Way, as an unfunded need in their 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) as amended May 25, 2018.

Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Phase – Completed Fall 2019
The Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study for SR 29 from Oil Well Road to south of SR 82, which includes the limits of this segment from Sunniland Nursery Road to south of Agriculture Way, was completed in the fall of 2019. During the PD&E phase, the social, economic, natural, and physical effects associated with this project were identified. The PD&E phase required the combined efforts of professional engineers, planners, and scientists to collect and analyze project-related information to develop the best solution for transportation needs. The PD&E phase included public and agency coordination, identified impacts associated with proposed transportation improvements and specified commitments to mitigate those impacts.

Design Phase – Ongoing
The design phase takes the conceptual plan presented at the PD&E public hearing and develops it into a formal set of construction plans that are used to bid and build the job. The construction plans include design of the stormwater drainage system,median openings, signs, utility plans, if applicable, as well as design of the road itself. Following the PD&E Phase, SR 29 improvements from Oil Well Road to south of SR 82 was divided into segments for the design phase. The design phase for the segment from Sunniland Nursery Road to south of Agriculture Way is ongoing and expected to be completed by the summer of 2026.

ROW Acquisition Phase – Unfunded
In the event FDOT needs to acquire property to build the roadway, the details defined during the design phase will be used to determine specifically how much right-of-way or additional land is needed for the project. In accordance with Florida statute, FDOT can only purchase property that is necessary for the documented transportation improvements and pays fair market value for any property or part of property acquired for road expansion. The department will notify property owners in writing if their land is affected and provide names and contact information for right-of-way agents managing this phase of the project. Additional information about FDOT’s right-of-way acquisition process may be found at https://www.fdot.gov/rightofway/documents.shtm. Currently, this segment is not funded for right-of-way acquisition.

Construction Phase – Unfunded
After design plans are completed and right-of-way acquisition concluded, FDOT advertises the project for construction. Typically, construction work starts three or four months after FDOT hires the contractor (who must mobilize crews and arrange for equipment and materials). Construction jobs may take multiple years depending on complexities of the projects. More information becomes available about a project’s construction schedule and crews’ approach to the work after FDOT hires the contractor. Currently, the segment from Sunniland Nursery Road to south of Agriculture Way is not funded for construction.

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