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US 41 Pedestrian Safety & Resurfacing Project from Winker Avenue to South of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (SR 82)

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About the Project

Sarasota/Manatee Barrier Islands Traffic Study

About the Project

In 2005, the City of Fort Myers Redevelopment Agency prepared a Master Plan for the Cleveland Avenue Redevelopment Area which included medians.  The Master Plan for the Cleveland Avenue Redevelopment Area was approved in 2010, by the Fort Myers City Council. 

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is working to improve safety on US 41 (Cleveland Avenue) in the downtown area.  FDOT has obtained funding to build the safety improvements outlined in the City’s Master Plan and these safety improvements are scheduled to begin construction in fall 2018.

Project Information
The department’s average annual daily traffic counts show ranges from 55,000 vehicles at the south end to 41,500 vehicles at the north end of the project.  The department’s data also shows from January 1st 2011 through December 31st 2015 there were 822 collisions on US 41 in the project area.  Twenty-five of the accidents involved bicycles or pedestrians with one fatality.  Pedestrian/bicycle traffic counts from March 25th to April 23rd in 2014 show 67 to 86 crossings between 11 and 12 o’clock generated by the Coronado High School.  There were 22 to 25 crossings in the vicinity of Linhart Avenue.  Pedestrian/bicycle collisions continue to rise with 9 in 2011, 10 in 2012 and 24 in 2013.

The project includes median construction and resurfacing from Winkler Avenue to south of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (SR 82).  FDOT will construct a raised median and five mid-block crossings with overhead mounted pedestrian signals.  The signals are called High-Intensity Activated crossWalK beacon (HAWK) signals or pedestrian hybrid beacons.  These signals will be located at the following locations:

  • Just south of Maravilla Lane
  • Just north of Ricardo Avenue
  • At Coronado Road
  • Midway between Hanson Street/Linhart Avenue
  • Just north of Lafayette Street


Click here to view how a HAWK signal operates

FDOT will upgrade the majority of the existing traffic signals to steel mast arms and add two new signals at Linhart Avenue and Stella Street.  The project also includes retrofitting light poles with LED lighting and some drainage reconstruction is included.  Driveways and curb ramps will be replaced where practical to bring the corridor into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. 

The project will be constructed in three segments. Each segment will have the majority of construction completed prior to moving to the next segment. Construction began in December 2018 on Segment A from Winkler Avenue to Carrell Road.

Segment A is complete, crews are now working on Segment B from Halgrim Avenue to Katherine Street. This segment may take over a year to complete. Then Segment C is constructed from Linhart Avenue to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (SR 82). This segment may take over a year to complete.

Crews will install new water main and water shut-offs are expected as part of this City of Fort Myers project. Every effort will be made to keep this time to a minimum. Immediately following the water shut-off, you will be required to boil your water until bacteriological tests have been taken and cleared. This boil water period usually lasts approximately three to five days. You will receive written notice of planned water shut-offs via a flyer. You will receive another flyer once the boil water notice has been rescinded and the water is safe to drink. Residents and businesses along and near the project should also plan for unexpected water shut-offs. You may want to keep bottled water on hand to use in case of an emergency waterline break.

The construction team is coordinating with emergency and municipal services, LeeTran and Lee County School Transportation. During construction, the contractor will maintain public services such as mail delivery, garbage/recycle and bus services. Police/Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be notified of road closures and water shut-offs.


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