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Project Details
Phase: Design
Limits: CR 78 to Cook Brown Road
Length: 5.3 miles
Start of Current Phase: Early 2017
Est. Completion of Current Phase: Early 2024

Project Description

The SR 31 PD&E Study is complete. 

SR 31 PD&E Study Approved

On May 26, 2021, the Florida Department of Transportation approved the SR 31 State Environmental Impact Report for SR 31 from SR 78 to Cook Brown Road in Lee and Charlotte Counties.  The project will now proceed to the next phase of development.

The State Road (SR) 31 corridor serves as the primary north-south connection through a predominantly rural area of unincorporated Lee and Charlotte Counties. The Florida Department of Transportation assisted in the development of a PD&E study to evaluate the potential widening of SR 31 from North River Road (County Road 78) to Cook Brown Road. The total project length is approximately 4 miles. The department classified SR 31 as a rural minor arterial providing access to residential homes, agricultural lands, ranches, gravel mines and open space/conservation lands. This road is anticipated to provide future access to the proposed Babcock Ranch Development of Regional Impact (DRI) in both Lee and Charlotte Counties. This new mixed-use residential and commercial development will significantly impact future traffic conditions on SR 31.

Regional Connectivity

The SR 31 corridor serves as an important truck route for commercial vehicles shipping goods to and from Lee, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties. The expansion of SR 31 is anticipated to improve overall safety, emergency access and truck access and accommodate future growth in the northern portion of Lee County and southeastern portion of Charlotte County.

Emergency Evacuation

The SR 31 corridor in Lee County is part of the evacuation route network established by the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Designated as a primary evacuation route, this facility is critical in evacuating residents throughout the northern portion of Lee County and the central and eastern portions of Charlotte County. The expansion of SR 31 is critical in improving emergency evacuation and response times.

Public Involvement

Public involvement is an important part of the SR 31 PD&E Study process. FDOT used several methods for providing information to and receiving information from project stakeholders including public officials, agencies and interested citizens.  These included the website, newsletters, and a public hearing. Stakeholders always have access to the FDOT Project Manager via email and phone as well.

The meetings helped us identify issues of concern and potential solutions. We conducted the public hearing later in the study to present a recommended alternative and the no-build alternative.  After receiving input from the public hearing, FDOT identified the preferred alternative. Additionally, we made presentations to various governmental groups throughout the study process.

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