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Share The Ride

Commute Connector has made finding carpool or vanpool partners easy. Download our free Commute Connector mobile app to find carpool or vanpool partners. Plus, you can earn rewards by tracking your trips on the app.

  • Carpooling is a simple concept where two or more people share a ride to a common destination, like work or school.
  • Some carpool groups rotate drivers and cars, which helps reduce the wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Some carpool groups pitch in money to cover the cost of gas and tolls.
  • What’s the difference between carpooling and vanpooling? With vanpooling, a large group of five or more people lease a vehicle specifically for the purpose of commuting to work.
  • All expenses are split among the vanpoolers – meaning more savings for you throughout the month.
  • You drive the van…you park it at your house…you save a lot of money and help the environment!

Download our free Commute Connector mobile app to see your customized commute options.