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Has your company lost a great employee because of unreliable transportation? Is transportation a barrier to filling open positions? Are commuting complaints affecting employee productivity?

Put your company in the driving seat and solve your employee transportation problems. From carpooling to compressed work weeks, simple solutions can lead to big rewards.

How does Commute Connector help employers?
  • We help you attract and retain great talent by developing commuter benefit programs
  • We provide customized commute solutions for your employees
  • We reward your employees for their participation
  • We nominate great employers for national recognition as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters
What can I do as an employer?
  • Offer Commuter Tax Benefits as part of your benefits plan, allowing employees to pay for transit or vanpool expenses with pre-tax dollars
  • Create a carpool/vanpool parking program to incentivize sharing the ride to work
  • Install quality, covered bike parking at your worksite
  • Provide discounted transit passes to your employees
  • Encourage employee-organized efforts by hosting Commute Challenges
  • Launch a telecommute program
  • Adjust work schedules to allow employees to travel during non-peak travel times
Do I have to do this on my own?

No – the Commute Connector team is here to help! From surveys to incentives, our team is here to help you customize a commuter benefits program that works for you and your employees.

I’m concerned about liability. Is there anything that protects the employer?

Yes – there is a Florida Statute that exempts employers from liability.

According to F.S. 768.091 “No employer shall be liable for injuries or damage…because such employer provides information or incentives to, or otherwise encourages, employees to participate in rideshare agreements.”

For the full text of this Florida Statute, please visit the Online Sunshine website.