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Project Details
Work Type: Widening
Phase: Design
Limits: from south of Daniels Parkway (MP 3.895) to Winkler Avenue (MP 8.320)
Length: 4.5 miles
Design Cost: $9.1 million
Start of Current Phase: Mid 2019
Estimated Costs
Construction Cost: $84.5 million

Project Description

SR 739 (Metro Parkway) design project limits are from south of Daniels Parkway to Winkler Avenue, a distance of approximately 4.5 miles. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is preparing design plans to expand Metro Parkway (SR 739) from a four lane undivided roadway to a six lane divided roadway. The alternatives will include six foot wide sidewalks in each direction. In addition, a traffic study has been completed that included the evaluation of improvement alternatives at the intersection of Metro Parkway (SR 739) and Daniels Parkway and the intersection of Metro Parkway (SR 739) and Colonial Boulevard. The study recommended Two-Way Continuous Flow Intersections at both of these locations. Metro Parkway (SR 739) is a north-south urban principal arterial roadway in Lee County.

PD&E Study

The Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study was completed in 1998 and evaluated engineering, environmental, social, historic and cultural effects for this project. It also estimated costs for future phases of production, including design, right-of-way, and construction. FDOT documented the need for the project and developed roadway improvement alternatives. These alternatives also considered comments from public officials, agency partners, and members of the community. The “recommended alternative,” was presented at a public hearing and was selected to move forward into the design phase. The PD&E study was approved in 1999; therefore, a re-evaluation will be completed to document changes to the approved design concept.

Project Design

The design phase takes the conceptual plan presented at the PD&E public hearing and develops it into a formal set of construction plans that are used to bid and build the job. The construction plans include design of the stormwater drainage system, traffic signals, lighting systems, median openings, bridges, signs, utility plans (if relocations are necessary to accommodate highway expansion), as well as design of the road itself. 

Project  Objective

The project proposes to reconstruct the existing Metro Parkway (SR 739) from a four-lane divided roadway to a six-lane divided urban roadway from south of Daniels Parkway to Winkler Avenue. The alternatives will include multimodal improvements such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and bus stops.

Construction (pending funding)

The construction phase is not currently funded for segments 3 and 4. After design plans are completed and right-of-way acquisition concluded, FDOT advertises the project for construction. Qualified contractors may bid on it.  Typically, construction work starts three or four months after FDOT hires the contractor (who must mobilize crews and arrange for equipment and materials).  

Construction is broken into 3 segments:

431334-2 SR 739 (Metro Pkwy) from s of Daniels Pkwy to n of Daniels Pkwy (funded for construction in 2026)
431334-3 SR 739 (Metro Pkwy) from n of Daniels Pkwy to s of Colonial Blvd

431334-4 SR 739 (Metro Pkwy) from s of Colonial Blvd to Winkler Ave



Public Involvement

Upcoming Meetings – There are no scheduled meetings at this time.



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