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Project Details
Work Type: PD&E Study
Phase: PD&E
Estimated Costs
Construction Cost: $83M

This project is under FPIDs: 435347-1 and 435110-1.

Old 41 (County Road 887) is currently an undivided two-lane roadway, that also includes a center turn lane at various points within the study area. It is classified as a major urban collector that provides access to a number of residential subdivisions and industrial parks along the project corridor. It is also an important facility for commuters and freight traffic as an access point from US 41/Tamiami Trail and Bonita Beach Road to major transportation facilities, including Interstate 75.

The goal of this Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study is to evaluate and document potential engineering and environmental effects of any proposed improvements needed to relieve existing congestion and accommodate future travel demand from projected population and employment growth in the area. Improvements may include the potential widening of the roadway up to four lanes, as well as safety considerations for bicyclists and pedestrians, such as marked bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and/or a shared-use path. FDOT is conducting this PD&E study in accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other federal and state laws and regulations.

This project (although under one study) has two segments due to part of the project being located in Collier County and part of the project being located in Lee County. The first segment, in Collier County, is from US 41/Tamiami Trail to the Lee County Line. The second segment, in Lee County, is from the Collier County Line to Bonita Beach Road.

Public Involvement

Public involvement is an integral part of the Old 41 (County Road 887) Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study. FDOT will use various activities to engage interested parties in the study process and there will be a number of opportunities for public comment, including an alternatives public information meeting and a public hearing. Remember that you may also submit comments or questions about this project at any time during the study, by using the Send a comment button.

FDOT will hold meetings with agencies and stakeholders as needed throughout the study. These meetings will assist the study team with identifying issues, opportunities, and potential transportation solutions for the corridor. Throughout the study process, FDOT will provide presentations to various organizations; interested citizens may request a presentation to their group or organization by using the Send a comment button. 

If you are interested in being added to the mailing list to receive study information, please use the “Send a Comment” button to provide your information to the project team.

Public Workshop April 2022

FDOT held a public workshop for the Old 41(CR 887) PD&E project, with a live in-person event on April 14, 2022 and a live virtual event on April 19, 2022. Materials were also available for review and comment through this website from April 29, 2022.

The workshop comment period is now closed, but you may still view an online copy of the materials presented in the Project Documents section. To submit comments to be included in the general study record, use the Send a comment button.

Public Hearing Fall 2024

Due to ongoing evaluations, concept development and coordination with various project stakeholders, the public hearing is now anticipated to be held in Fall 2024. Technical documents and information on the Preferred Alternative will be posted on the project website closer to the hearing.


1.      Is the U-turn bulb-out near the Cordova at Spanish Wells gated entrance (Via Palacio Ave) still included in the design?

No, the U-turn bulb-out at the Cordova at Spanish Wells gate is no longer part of our design. Our team is currently evaluating two other commercial locations for a U-turn bulb-out.

2.      Are the safety and operation improvements shown at the April 2022 public meeting near the Cordova at Spanish Wells gate (Via Palacio Ave) still included in the design?

Yes, a traffic signal with crosswalks at the intersection of Old 41 and Via Palacio Ave is still included in the project design. Additionally, sidewalk is proposed along the east side of Old 41 is south of Via Palacio Ave.

3.      Is the traffic signal at Mediterra Dr still included in the design? Will there be any impacts to traffic flow with the proposed traffic signal at Cordova at Spanish Wells (Via Palacio Ave) so close?

Yes, the traffic signal at Mediterra Dr is still included in the project design. There aren’t any anticipated spacing concerns with the two traffic signals. They meet minimum spacing standards and will be timed to promote smooth traffic flows. Our team has also taken the railroad crossing into account when analyzing queueing at the traffic signals.

4.      When will the public hearing be held?

The public hearing is anticipated for Fall 2024 to accommodate ongoing evaluations, concept development and coordination with project stakeholders.

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Aerial of south project limit (Intersection of Old 41 and US 41/Tamiami Trail)
Sidewalk running parallel to Old 41 and Bunker Hill Drive (south end of the project)
Entrance to Ace Super Storage on Channel 30 Drive (towards center of the study area)
Seminole Gulf/CSX Railroad track adjacent to Old 41
Intersection of Old 41 (CR 887) and US 41/Tamiami Trail (south project limit)
Trackside Donuts & Coffee (north project limit)