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This project has been completed and is only available for historical reference.
Project Details
Work Type: Roundabout
Phase: Completed
Construction Cost: $1,300,000

The primary goal of the US 98/441 improvements is to improve multi-modal accessibility along the corridor, provide a safe, convenient, and attractive crossing for pedestrians and bicyclists, and improve connectivity and circulation between SW 18th Terrace and US 98/441. Construction began on August 10, 2020.

Improvements consist of reconstructing the intersection and replacing it with a roundabout that will enhance safety, connectivity, and circulation. US 98/441 and portions of SE 18th Terrace will be repaved and streetlights will be installed along US 98/441 near the roundabout. Expected completion is summer 2021. The contractor is CWR Contracting, Inc.

Daytime and nighttime lane closures will occur during construction on US 98/441 and SE 18th Terrace Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. weather permitting.

Benefits of Roundabouts

  • Traffic Safety – Reduce injury crashes by 76%
  • Traffic Calming – Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Pedestrian Safety – Focus on one traffic stream
  • Operational Performance – reduce overall delay
  • Operations and Maintenance – Reduce costs
  • Approach Roadway Width – Reduce impacts
  • Environmental Factors – Roundabouts are environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetics – Can act as a gateway

Roundabouts create significant safety improvements by creating a more consistent flow of traffic with no traffic lights. When severe storms strike, roundabouts allow emergency vehicles and first responders to traverse more freely. Storms can cause outages to electricity which can cause the traffic lights to stop working. In addition, stop signs can be blown down during a storm. Roundabouts do not have traffic lights or stop signs.

Some roundabouts have an apron surrounding the roadway allowing commercial trucks to navigate easier, especially after a major storm; they can still get through the intersection.

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