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Project Details
Work Type: Construction Work
Phase: Design
Limits: from south of Agriculture Way to CR 846 E
Length: 2.25 miles
Start of Current Phase: Mid 2019
Estimated Costs
Construction Cost: $4 million

Project Description

Welcome to the website for the State Road (SR) 29 design project from south of Agriculture Way to County Road (CR) 846 E (also known as Immokalee Road). The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District One is preparing design plans to widen SR 29 from two to four lanes from Oil Well Road to south of SR 82. In Collier County, State Road 29 is divided into four design segments. The segment between south of Agriculture Way and CR 846 E involves total reconstruction of the existing roadway, addition of shared use paths, modification to the existing signal at Farm Worker Way, addition of a signal at CR 846 E and drainage improvements. It will also include access improvements with the addition of a 22-foot median from south of Agriculture Way to CR 846 E.


In 2007 a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study was conducted to develop and evaluate alternative concepts for widening approximately 15.6 miles of SR 29 from Oil Well Road to SR 82 from two lanes to four lanes, and to consider potential corridors that could bypass downtown Immokalee.

Early in the PD&E Study process, FDOT conducted a corridor analysis in which four corridors were selected for evaluation within the project study area. The corridor analysis was followed by an alignment analysis, which evaluated 31 alignments within the selected corridors. The next step was to develop alternatives from the recommended alignments. The alternatives were subjected to more detailed analyses, and recommended alternatives were selected. At each phase of the process, a public meeting was conducted to provide an update on the project’s status and to take comments from the public and local agencies regarding the corridors, alignments or alternatives being presented.

With the Federal Highway Administration's approval of the PD&E Study of SR 29 from Oil Well Road to south of SR 82, the next step in the road widening process involves developing the conceptual plan presented at the PD&E public hearing and developing it into a formal set of construction plans that will be used to bid and build the widening of SR 29.

The design project for this 2.25 mile segment of SR 29 from south of Agriculture Way to CR 846 E (417540-4-32-01) began in May 2019 and is currently underway. This project is not currently funded for right-of-way or construction.

Project Objective

The proposed improvement involves widening SR 29 from an existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane divided roadway. The design will have four 12-foot travel lanes with curb and gutter on both sides, a 22-foot median, 12-foot shared use paths on both sides and a design speed of 45 mph. The project also includes a drainage improvements along the entire length of the corridor.




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Design Project Manager
Jeffrey Jones
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