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On January 30, 2023Governor DeSantis announced Moving Florida Forward, a bold and historic infrastructure initiative. This proposed investment prioritizes $7 billion towards the state’s transportation infrastructure to directly and immediately address congestion relief and perpetual safety on roadways, support resiliency in existing and future projects, and maintain the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as a national leader in transportation technology, all while supporting a robust and active supply chain.

This proposal is slated to invest $7 billion to prioritize 20 critical infrastructure projects in the existing FDOT Five-Year Work Program. The proposed legislation combines $4 billion of General Revenue Surplus with FDOT’s ability to leverage innovative financing tools, contracting, and proposed policies for the resulting $3 billion over four years.

As the state continues to experience rapid population and tourism growth, the Moving Florida Forward infrastructure initiative will focus on critical improvements to ensure that transportation infrastructure can meet the demands of current and future residents and visitors, including investments to major interstates and arterial roadways to ensure people and goods can move safely. As Florida’s population is projected to grow by 600 people every day over the next 30 years – with some areas of the state currently experiencing more than 20 percent growth rates – the Moving Florida Forward proposal will help relieve congestion, enhance safety, facilitate trade, promote economic growth, and provide a more resilient transportation infrastructure. Resiliency is critical to the integrity of roadways and corridors, especially during severe weather events such as hurricanes.

In addition to the priority projects included in the Moving Florida Forward infrastructure initiative, FDOT remains committed to simultaneously delivering projects in the existing FDOT Five-Year Work Program, which is funded by the Department’s annual budget. More information on Moving Florida Forward, including a statewide map and corresponding list of proposed projects, can be found below.

The Governor's Press Release announcing the Moving Florida Forward Infrastructure Initiative can be found here.


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