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Project Details
Work Type: Safety Project
Phase: Design
Limits: Intersection at Crystal Beach Road
Estimated Costs
Construction Cost: $600,000

Current conditions: (447854-1) SR 555 in Eagle Lake is a four-lane divided highway. Within the study area, SR 555 has a posted speed of 55 miles per hour. An opening in the raised median at the intersection of SR 555 and Crystal Beach Road permits right and left-turning traffic movements from three directions. Northbound and southbound SR 555 consists of a split road with one designated left turn lane and two through lanes on each side. There are no bike lanes or sidewalks. Eastbound and westbound Crystal Beach Road has one lane in each direction with a left turn lane onto SR 555. Also, a railroad track crosses Crystal Beach Road just before the intersection with SR 555. Traffic entering SR 555 from Crystal Beach Road is controlled by a STOP sign.

Design conditions: The design proposes adding a raised median island.

  • Access will remain for northbound and southbound drivers on SR 555 making right or left turns onto Crystal Beach Road. Access will remain for eastbound drivers on Crystal Beach Road turning right or left onto SR 555.
  • A raised median island to channelize left turning movements for northbound SR 555 onto Crystal Beach Road and left turning movements from Crystal Beach Road to northbound SR 555.
  • Widening the southbound right turn lane from SR 555 to Crystal Beach Road to accommodate line of sight from the eastbound traffic at the intersection.
  • Construction of a new acceleration lane from the new median improvement to the existing northbound SR 555.
  • Lighting and drainage improvements
  • Resurfacing
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