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Project Details
Phase: Planning

The purpose of this page is to provide a centralized location where individuals and organizations can access materials related to public involvement and outreach activities. This can include documents, presentations, videos, and other media that may be useful in promoting public involvement in state programs and initiatives.

Overall, this database has the potential to be a powerful tool for promoting public involvement and outreach activities on behalf of the state of the FDOT. With the right management and promotion, it could become a valuable resource for individuals and organizations throughout the state.

Please remember to review the "Introduction to Public Involvement" Materials. You will find the Department's guidelines below:

Intro to Public Involvement: 

  1. Introduction
    1. Guiding Principles
    2. Federal Requirements
    3. State Requirements
    4. Department Procedures
    5. Outreach During Project Phases
    6. Outreach During Planning
    7. Outreach During PD&E
    8. Outreach During Design
    9. Outreach During Construction
    10. Outreach During Operations and Maintenance
  2. Preparing a Plan
    1. Public Involvement Plan
    2. Community Awareness Plan
  3. Nondiscrimination and Environmental Justice
    1. Title VI, Nondiscrimination, & Environmental
    2. Title VI
    3. Environmental Justice
    4. Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
  4. Identifying the Public
    1. Identifying the Public
    2. Building a Contact List
    3. Demographic Analysis
    4. Sociocultural Data Report
  5. Outreach Methods
    1. One-on-One Meetings
    2. Small Group Meetings
    3. Public Workshops
    4. Public Meetings
    5. Public Hearings
    6. Working with the Media
    7. Effective Use of Social Media
    8. Innovative Outreach
    9. Websites
  6. Preparing for a Public Meeting or Workshop
    1. Planning and Preparation
    2. Selecting a Meeting Time and Location
    3. Notification Requirements
    4. Meeting Materials
    5. Conducting the In-Person Meeting
    6. Conducting the Virtual Meeting
  7. Preparing for a Public Hearing
    1. Planning and Preparation
    2. Selecting a Public Hearing Time and Location
    3. Notification Requirements
    4. Hearing Materials
    5. Conducting the In-Person Hearing
    6. Conducting the Virtual Hearing
  8. Responding to Comments
    1. Responding to Public Comments
  9. Performance Measures
    1. Public Involvement Performance Measures
  10. Documentation
    1. Maintaining a Public Involvement File
Public Involvement

In this section, you will find the templates, guidelines, and examples needed for public meetings and other outreach activities. 

Vital Resources:

D1 Elected and Appointed Officials Master List (Last Updated 08/31/2023)

D1 Language Interpreters (Last Updated 06/16/22)

Active News Sources in Florida / Alternative

PIO Plans:

Staff Hour Estimates

Community Awareness Plan (CAP): Guidelines / Template

Public Involvement Plan (PIP): Template 

Social Media Campaign Plan: Template

Notification Materials:

Press Release: Color / B&W / PD&E

Elected Officials Email: Hearing Template / Meeting / Workshop Template / Example / Kickoff Example / PD&E Alternatives Workshop

Florida Administrative Register(Site): Template / Example 

Display Newspaper Ad: Template

FDOT Public Notice Page (Site): Template / Site to submit Notice (FDOT Employee access only) / Example / Instructions

Legal Ad: (Hearings Only): Template

Postcards: Template

Newsletter: Example / Template

Website: Template (Workshop)

PD&E Workshop: Digital Notices Template Display Ad Template / Press Release Template / Property Owner Newsletter Video Script Template / Virtual Moderator Script Template Website Text Template 

PD&E Hearing: Hearing Press Release Template / Hearing Summary Template Moderator Script Template / Property Owner Newsletter Text Template / Public Hearing Digital Notices Template / Public Hearing Legal Ad Template / Video Script Template / Website Hearing Text Template

Meeting Materials:

Comment Form: Template

PowerPoint: Presentation Script Template / Example / Moderator Script Template / Video Script Template Workshop / Virtual Moderator Script Template Workshop / Environmental Management Office (EMO) Presentation Template

Sheet: Template

Speaker Cards: Template

Table Toppers: Finished Materials

Title VI Forms: English / Spanish / Haitian Creole

Meeting / Hearing Prep: Checklist

Public Workshop Summary: Template

PD&E: Comments and Coordination Report Template


Guides to Virtual Meetings

Attendee Guide to Virtual Meetings

GoToWebinar Checklist

How to Set Up and Host a Virtual Public Meeting Using GoToWebinar

Quick Guide Addressing Accessibility Challenges for Virtual Meetings

Quick Guide Camera Ready Tips

Quick Guide Engaging with Questions-Using Polls and Surveys in GoToWebinar


Guides to Public Involvement 

A Guide to Hybrid Public Meetings and Hearings

Developing a Language Assistance Strategy

FDOT Public Involvement Policy

Public Involvement Handbook Feb 2021

Quick Guide Handling Public Comments


FDOT Logo Files and Regulations


Consultant Logos on FDOT Documents Memorandum 13-02

Logo: Color / Black / White / Greyscale



Target Zero

Roundabouts / Florida Roundabouts

Litter Prevention

TRAC & RIDES Programs

Florida's Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Initiative


Central Office Items


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